Sunday, February 1, 2009

this lawn is your lawn

Roger Doiron created this video and I say hurray! Let's make our president have a garden, seriously there's few easier ways to practice ahimsa then to grow your own food, to walk downstairs or around the block and pick you own lettuce and cherry tomatoes for that dinner salad. I'm super excited about the prospects.

Lest we all forget this organic food movement has swiftly come to the forefront of the food industry in general, from a few tattered hippies in the 60s to Alice Waters lobbying in DC for the past several years. Why has this happened? I'll venture a guess. People didn't want poison in their food. Wild huh?

Pesticide use is ancient- people want to eat the food they grow, makes sense. It wasn't until the dawn of massive "scientific warfare" that "synthetic organic (in the carbon based sense) compounds" were used. Well known companies such as bayer and Dow brought us both mustard gas and aspirin, Agent Orange and well, a myriad of delightful pesticides.

The good news is this has all happened in less than 100 years and the pendulum is indeed swinging back. There's tons of information out there. If you haven't read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, do. It is essential. Most importantly, less than 100 countries have strict bans on DDT. That means that your food grown far away may still contain it. It's nearly impossible for you to know.

The lettuce just down the street though...

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