Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what is it about love?

That is so thoroughly psychedelic? That moment of intimacy and merging that is indefinable in time and space. Why does this continue to drive us? Scientists, to put it lamely, will conclude the Dopamine produced by particularly good sex overloads the system causing a brief lapse in normal conscious states, or some such oversimplification.

Yeah. Scientists say things like that.



Me on the more esoteric side of things will conclude. It's all in the breathing. The moment of the first delicious kiss, first you hear the others breath, and begin to try to equal, you absorb the same air. You become wrapped up from that first minute of closely staring in the others eyes with all that air that's already been in them (aproximately a 1/4 of a cubic foot a minute to be precise),
The other begins to become you.

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